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Ridge & Furrow Ceramics is owned by Marisa Devonshire and based in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, UK. Marisa's work is functional stoneware pottery handmade in her Cotswold studio.

Inspired by the many historic Ridge and Furrow fields in the local area, the name also reflects the throwing lines left on the surface of the pots. Marisa uses her background in illustration to draw natural elements into her practice, her aim is to bring more nature into the lives of others as well as her own, whilst also enriching the small everyday moments.

If you would like to see the studio is it open most Fridays and Saturdays, see below for location and contact details.

For wholesale and commission enquiries please email

Ridge and Furow Field in golden grass with fence in foreground and trees behind
Potter sat in front of pottery wheel holding handmade cup. Behind is a sink and cupboard
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